Monday, January 4, 2016

2016-01-04 New Year! New Week!

This past week was super good. Our mission president has really been focusing on making more contacts. On Tuesday we contacted a family that has 2 little boys. We taught them about the restoration, and then they asked us if we could stop by New Year’s Eve for a little snack. We said sure, and did not think much more of it. Then when we arrived Thursday night, we shared a message with them and went into their kitchen, and they had prepared a feast for us, literally. We were completely shocked because we had only met them 2 days prior and they had done all this for us. It was sort of like God telling us, ``I have people like this waiting for you, you just need to find them``.

We also had a lot of analogies this week.

Analogy 1 (From our mission president):
A wise man was sitting at the foot of a tree when 2 ladies saw him. One of the ladies had an idea to try and trick the wise man. She told the other lady ``let us capture a butterfly and hold it in our hands and ask the wise man if it is alive or dead. If he says alive, let us crush the butterfly without him noticing, then show him the dead butterfly. If he says dead, let us simply let the butterfly go free.`` The two ladies agreed with this plan and proceeded to ask the wise man ``Is the butterfly alive or dead?`` He thought, then smiled ``it is in your hands``.

It is in your hands if the butterfly is alive or dead, just like it is in your hands what you make of this life, if you have a good or bad life, full of joy or sadness.

Analagy 2 (From an investigator):
A Father and son loved to look at airplanes in the sky. The son was always amazed at how small the airplane was. One day the father and son went to the airport to fly to a vacation spot. When they got to their gate, the son looked out the window and was so surprised at how big the airplane was because he had always seen it so small.

This is the same with God. When we are far from God, he seems like a small part of our lives, But when we are close to him (reading the scriptures, going to church, following the commandments), we can see how big of a part he actually is in our lives. The airplane was always the same size, the only thing that changed was the son´s perception of the plane.

Anyway that’s all for this week. Hope y’all have a wonderful new year!


Sister Morgan Ruiz