Monday, January 11, 2016

2016-01-11 PHILLIPE

Phillipe's baptism
Phillipe is a special soul, absolutely amazing! We started teaching him a month ago, and he has such a strong testimony. He was baptized this past weekend.
How did we find him? I tripped. And fell. Right in front of his house where he was standing. Then out of sympathy he asked if we wanted a cup of water. We said no and walked away because my companion was laughing hysterically at me. We turned the corner of the street so she could laugh some more. Then after she calmed down we decided to return to his house and see if he was still there.
The first lesson we taught he was not very accepting, and kept repeating that he was Catholic. But the second time we returned, he was a completely different person. From that moment on he was so interested in every lesson, and had a lot of things he needed to change, but willingly changed all of them.
The week before his baptism was Testimony meeting, and he shared his testimony. He talked about how this gospel changed his life and he loves the Book of Mormon, and how it really does answer all questions and doubts, and he knows the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. After he finished everyone was in awe. It was amazing to see how when a person, like Phillipe, truly seeks for an answer, they find it in the word of God.
For one of our visits, he watched a video about missionary work and was sad that he had already passed the missionary age. He truly has a desire to help others see the same light he has found.
He shared with us that the missionaries passed his house one time when he was 14, but he thought nothing of it. But he told us if only he had listened, his life would be completely different now. But now he has the gospel and he can help others find the same joy.

Sister Morgan Ruiz