Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015-10-30 People Here Actually Think I'm Brazilian

This week has been crazy, in good ways and in bad. So Tuesday morning I went to the travel office and got on the bus to go to the airport. I was the travel leader over 7 Elders.
Salt Lake City Airport
In the Salt Lake Airport, we met up with a lady from Argentina who was super nice and bought us lunch and let us use her phone to talk to our families. I ended up sitting next to her on the flight to New York. Our flight to Nova Iorque (New York) was fine, and I sort of got to see the New York skyline, and the guy sitting next to me thought it was funny because I was getting really excited. Then we got to the airport, which was huge.
New York City airport
We got lost trying to find the train to take us to the right terminal. Because of this we missed our next flight. We then ran around trying to find a phone to call the travel office. So we got tickets for the next flight at 10:30 pm and left. No one had their window open and I was sitting in the middle aisle, so I couldn`t look outside, which was really sad. Once we got to Brazil, we had to find our bags because they were on our original flight. But then we found our guide that was waiting for us from the CTM (MTC in Brazil), and she helped us find our luggage. 
New missionaries at the Brazil CTM, Sao Paulo
So I actually have a district now with 4 Elders and 4 Sisters (including me). My companion is nice and we get along. She is sarcastic like me which is great. I would send a picture but I can't send pictures from here. The Brazil CTM is very different than the Provo MTC. They are stricter in some areas but not at all in others. 

Also, all week people have talked Portuguese really fast to me. Then when they realize I don't understand, they speak really fast Spanish to me, which I also don't understand. Then they ask me about my name "Ruiz", and I have to explain to them that my grandparents (actually great-grandparents) moved from Mexico, but I don't speak it. I have gotten really good at saying that in Portuguese. It is good that I look like a Brazilian, but also not because they assume I know what they are saying. 

Love y'all,
Sister Morgan Ruiz