Saturday, October 24, 2015

2015-10-24 1 Companion, 2 Companions, Red Companion, Blue Companion, IT'S CHRISTMAS!

This week has been a VERY interesting week. 
Starting with Sister Sellers missing her bus to the airport Tuesday morning. 
Then Wednesday we got 2 new sisters in our zone. One of them is from Alaska and loves to hunt and loves the cold; the other one is from Arizona and does not like the hot. 
Thursday Sister Flake and her district got reassignments, and they all got reassignments to Los Angeles. 
Friday, half of our zone got their visas including me! And an Elder from Sister Flake's district who is going to Belém, Brazil. His name is Elder Smith. 

In class one day, my teacher and a teacher from another class said different words for "to focus" so we looked them up in the dictionary. We had an interesting discovery:
     in Brazil people say "focar" for "to focus"
     but in the dictionary
     enfocar = to focus
     enforcar = to hang
     and enforcar-se = to get married

Tuesday night at choir we sang " I feel my Savior's Love". At the end a little girl came and sang a song that she was singing at a concert later. She was this cute 8 year old girl with blonde hair wearing her white baptism dress. The choir instructor asked us if we thought God loved that little 8 year old. We all said, obviously yes. Then he told us that God loves and sees each of us like he sees that little 8 year old girl. We are all his children that have so much learning and potential still left to do. 

Sister Morgan Ruiz