Monday, October 12, 2015

2015-10-06 Solo

So this week has been very exciting. I am in Utah and not Brazil because I do not have my visa yet. However I have had a lot of interesting experiences this past week in which I am glad I went to Utah first.

On the plane ride up here I sat next to someone who served their mission in Siberia, Russia. He was giving me advice about the Mission Training Center, and other mission relating stuff. He told me that they did not have very much luck knocking on doors in Russia but whenever one of the missionaries would get disappointed they would just say "whenever a missionary in Russia knocks on a door, someone in Brazil gets baptized", so then he told me that I should thank the Russian missionaries more often when I am down there. 
My Aunt Kari picked me up at the Salt Lake City airport, took me to lunch and Temple Square, and then drove me to Provo, Utah and the Missionary Training Center (MTC) located on the BYU campus.

As we were driving into the MTC for me to get dropped off, I saw Nick Stott, and I've seen him several times but we are always going in opposite directions so we don't get to talk for that long.

I have a very unique situation here at the MTC, one in which no one has really heard of, and has happened only a very few amount of times. First I am a solo sister. This means that I do not have another sister in my district that I spend all my class time with. So I am either with at least 2 elders or another sister in my zone when they are not doing their things. There are 2 other sisters in my zone and they are both solo sisters as well. But what is even more unique is there are only a total of 2 people in my district. It is myself and a solo elder. His name is Elder Fonicello. He is from Belgium, so he speaks French, but he moved to Houston two years ago. We have class together and teach together. It is kind of weird because I was ready to be with a sister companion for the next year and a half, but I won't have that until I leave the MTC. 

This weekend was General Conference and I really enjoyed it. My favorite was Elder Bradley Foster's talk. You can see all of them here: . Sunday night we had a BYU singing group come and talk/sing to us. It is the one that Bryce Romney is in, so I talked to him afterwards. 

Here are some pictures in Temple Square before we went to the MTC.

If you want to write me you can/should use, which would be super cool and I would appreciate it a lot. After you set up an account with the website, you type your letter like an email, they will print it out and put it in my mailbox at the MTC. So it's a lot faster than mailing a letter.
Also my address is:
     Sister Morgan Ruiz
     2011 N 900 E Unit 247
     Provo, UT 84602
The mission experience has been good so far, I have enjoyed it a lot! 
Sister Morgan Ruiz