Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2015-10-13 Week 2

This week has gone very well. The only bad part is it is starting to get cold here, and I do not have a lot of warm clothing with me. I am learning a lot of Portuguese. On Sunday, I watched a talk by David A. Bednar called the "Character of Christ", which was super good. He talked about that we must not just have a testimony of the gospel, but we must be converted as well. Without a conversion, a testimony can only carry you so long. 

The days seem so long, but at the same time they seem to fly by. There are 2 other sisters that got here last week going to Brazil, but one of them is leaving next week because she got her visa yesterday. 

Speaking of visas, there were 2 districts that were/are leaving this week, but half of them still didn't have their visas. Then yesterday, all of their visas got here. Two of the Elders got their visas, then left for Portugal two hours later. Also the only Elder in my district got his visa, so he will be leaving next week. Which means if I do not get my visa, I will be the only person in my district, which no one also knows how to deal with.

I also learned this week why even though we are speaking Portuguese, we are called “sister”. The Portuguese word for sister is irmã, but the irmãs in Brazil are the nuns. So, we are called Sisters. 

The picture is of the 3 solo sisters in my zone. Sister Flake has the blonde hair and Sister Sellers has the curly hair.

I love you all, 
Sister Morgan Ruiz