Monday, February 22, 2016

2016-02-22 Short Week

Me and Sister Chagas

The baptism of Elenice

Baptism: Yesterday we had the baptism of Elenice. She is super sweet and the niece of a member. Her aunt is Raimunda, and both of them are awesome. Riamunda is 75, but still is sarcastic and blunt with us, which I love. Every time during our lessons we would ask how Elenice felt about her baptismal day and if Elenice was hesitant, Riamunda would say something along the lines of “I love this gospel, you should be baptized too so you can learn to love the gospel”.

Dia Celestial: Saturday we went to another city in our zone for “Dia Celestial”. How it was supposed to go is basically all the missionaries in the zone go to one area, and have divisions with prospective missionaries and return missionaries to visit all the inactive members. In this way the prospective missionaries have an idea of what it is like to be a missionary for a day. It started at 8 am and we had a “welcome” and find we out who your companion is for the day. Then we went to the streets at 9 with a list of non-active member who we were going to visit. Some of the people weren't in their house, or didn't live there anymore, but others we found and they gave us their reasons for not being at church. We returned at noon to have lunch and testimony meeting, then to return to our city at 3.

We are working more with the leaders and the members, which helps a lot with our investigators.

Sister Morgan Ruiz