Monday, January 25, 2016

2016-01-25 Parties

Things this week:

People here like parties. The parties I am talking about are for the kids, 2-10 years old. They have these grand decorations. One we helped decorate this week was turning 2. Another one we went to was turning 4. We also saw one at a hotel which was decorated with the Frozen theme, so they had a life-size cut-out of Anna and Elsa, with a bodygaurd and everything. All the parties always have lots and LOTS of balloons.

Secondly, I had bull tail this week. I do not know if that is a thing in the United States and I just have not tried it before, but it was good. It was also very fatty, and I did not learn what it was until after I finished. That is a very important rule here. Do not ask until after you finish eating.

I realized I like analogies so here is another one:

We have two eyes so we can see a greater perception. If we close one eye, we cannot see as much even though the same things are still there. We have two eyes for two witnesses of the marvelous things God gave us. The same goes for the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Both testify of Christ and with both we can have a greater perception of the love and plan God has for each of us.

Sister Morgan Ruiz